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30 Wholesome And Positive Comics About A Blue Llama

How long has it been since you smiled from the inside?

In 2016, I suffered from a rare condition that made it impossible for me to work properly. I felt hopeless after countless treatment failures and nearly gave up on myself. It was the encouragement, patience, and tolerance of those around me that made me stand up again.

After going through some of the worst moments of my life, I’ve learned that happiness can be really simple. Unfortunately, most of the time, we have to deal with physical pain to realize this truth.

And then I got the idea of creating Loffyllama comics.

It was simply a way to remind myself that life is never going to be smooth sailing, but no matter how bad the situation is, as long as you are thankful, things won’t be as bad as you think.

Through simple illustrations that contain little to no text, I hope my cute characters can bring a smile to your face when you have a rough day.

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