Tire Shop Employee Shares Pics Of The Things He Has Seen On The Job, And Here Are 28 Of The Craziest Ones

Just because something looks normal to us regular folk doesn’t mean it actually is. For example, a bolt sticking out of your car tire may not raise your eyebrows but it will definitely send shivers down any gearhead’s spine.

A dude who goes online by the nickname BonusSatis has been witnessing so many crazy things while on the job at a tire shop, he started taking pictures and sharing them on Imgur. It didn’t take long before people noticed and the images went viral.

2020 isn’t a Goodyear but these people could’ve ended up even worse if they kept driving like this.

BonusSatis told Bored Panda that most tire shops are a rough and tumble environment. “When you are getting yelled at, that means they love you. So when you are not getting yelled at or corrected, that means that no one likes you and does not want to help,” he explained the industry culture.

When it comes to people’s perception of their metal horse’s shoes, BonusSatis said a common misunderstanding is that not all tires are made equal. “People ask about a Walmart tire that is $80 and want to know why the tires we sell [at Costco] are so much more. You get what you pay for in a car tire.”

There can be many differences between cheap and expensive tires, including durability, handling, braking distance, comfort, and noise.”

If people are learning about tires and want to know more, they should not go to a dealership,” BonusSatis said. “Those places will pump up the price every time. Instead, bring the car by two different shops and have the tire mechanic explain what they see about the tire, [and don’t be afraid] to ask for details.”

According to BonusSatis, car owners should check (or have someone do it for them) tire pressure at least about every 2-3 months. “You can save yourself a lot of trouble by having your pressure set correctly. The tire mechanic should be doing a visual inspection during the air check and can spot any incorrect wear or problem areas.”

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