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35 Hilarious And Crazy Motherhood Comics

Motherhood takes over all aspects of your life. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and all your social activities starts to revolve around your kids who wreak havoc upon everything. Even the simple things like taking a nap or watching a movie seems like the most difficult task because with kids, there are baby tantrums, nappies to change or vomits to clean. It’s the biggest life-changing event my friend which ultimately alters every perspective of your life.

Like many of us, Sabrina Lone was overwhelmed to learn how much the reality of parenting diverged from her assumptions and expectations. She created a comic series about two fictional girls – Debi and Bebi and added a funny twist to problems mothers have to face every day. Sabrina says she created the characters based on herself and her friend – the artist is German while her friend is a Pakistani.

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