35 Times Tall People Hilariously Overshadowed Short People

Wold’s Tallest Teenager With Her Boyfriend

Gymnast Flávia Saraiva, 1.33m, With Basketball Player Nenê, 2.11m

I Have An Extremely Important Question And I Need Your Help!! What’s The Better Way To Hug – Shoulder To Shoulder Or Hip To Hip?

At 6’5″, NS Premier Stephen McNeil Looked Pretty Tall On Election Night. At 6’9″, I May Have Shattered That Illusion Today

Me With My Best Friend. She’s 4’11”, I’m 6’1″

Yao Ming Visited My Girlfriend’s Restaurant, She’s 4’11

Took Away The Spotlight

I’m Moving Away From My 4’9″ Sidekick. I’m Going To Miss This

Me And My 6’4″ Date To Our Rowing Formal. I’d Say We’re Pretty Cute

Shrimp On Rye

I Feel The Pain

This Tall Man And Short Woman

I Recently Went To Spain

I’d Say Short People Probs But It’s More Like Kelli Tennant Problems

Spotted This At A Bar Last Night, Tall Girl Problems

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