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50 Of The Worst Delivery Guys People Encountered

Jerks come in many shapes and forms. But heaven forbid that you give a jerk even the tiniest bit of authority or power because they’ll abuse it as much as they can. Not convinced? Take a look at how some delivery drivers act when they think that nobody is looking!

Looks Like I Won’t Be Listening To My New Vinyl Record. Thanks, USPS

USPS Bent My Diploma. I Have No Words

My First 4k TV Finally Arrived!

Now, the fact of the matter is, far from every delivery driver out there is a jerk. Most of them are decent people who do their duty; otherwise, the entire delivery system would collapse. Yet once in a while, people manage to take photos or film real jerks on the job who don’t respect anyone but themselves.

UPS Delivery Driver Caught Peeing In Elevator En Route To Deliveries In My Old Building

The building I lived in had a strict hoa and i had just gotten a puppy. I was always so nervous the smell of urine in the elevator was from her peeing without me noticing. this was a relief to see.

This Amazon Delivery Man Who Delivers A Package And Then Steals It Himself

I’m A Carrier For USPS. I Ordered My Uniforms For The Year A Few Days Ago And This Is How They Arrived. So Is This Why We Have A Bad Rep?

Hopefully No One Will Notice The Delivery…

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Guy Caught Eating Topings

My Mailman Was The First To Congratulate Me

Over The Past Six Months, Canada Post Has Lost Three Packages For Me, All Of Which It Claims To Have Delivered. I Think I Discovered The Reason Why Today

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