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50 Of The Worst Delivery Guys People Encountered

Package Of IKEA Shelves Delivered By FedEx Like This. Wife Even Watched The Guy Throw It Up Onto The Porch And Ripped It. Just Waved To Her And Left. 6 Shelf Pieces, Every Single One Damaged

The Other Day I Found This Guy Peeing Outside A Supermarket With Toilets And Most Importantly, Where To Wash His Hands. After This He Just Got On His Bike And Got On With His Delivery

Thanks USPS It’s Not Like I Spent 6 Years And Have Over 100k In Student Loans For My B.S. And M.S. Or Anything

How The Mailman Delivered The Vinyl I Ordered

Postmates, Thank You For Sending A Lady To Deliver My Food Out Of A Dirty Baby Stroller

Only My Boyfriends Certification He Worked Months On. Thats All. F*** You USPS

Thank You United States Postal Service For Kindly Folding My Art Prints In Half So That They Fit In My Mailbox

This Package Was Delivered To My House

Thanks USPS

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