Funny OMG

50 Of The Worst Delivery Guys People Encountered

The “Obstruction Of My Front Door” That Prevented UPS From Delivering My Package…

P.S. We Also Poured Sugar In Your Gas Tank And Ran Over Your Cat. We Hope You Understand. Love, The USPS

UPS Marked My Package As ‘Delivered’ After Dumping It In The Middle Of My Driveway. I Found It When Leaving For Work This Morning

Special Delivery

This Was Just Delivered. My Door Opens Out

I Got Swatted And Ordered A New Door, What The F**k

Sipping The Drink Before Delivery

The Way Amazon Delivered My Single Nose Ring

Delivery Guy Throws Package Up The Balcony

Licking Clean Spoonfuls Of Food Meant For Clients And Putting It Back In The Delivery Bag

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