Funny OMG

50 Of The Worst Delivery Guys People Encountered

Took Me 5 Years To Get This Diploma And USPS Drops It In A Puddle

Thanks, FedEx. Now I Have A Sphinx

I Was Told That It Would Require A Signature, Apparently Not

The Way Both FedEx And UPS Deliver My Packages (Caught By Security Cam)

Special Delivery

UPS Driver Helper Opens Christmas Package And Steals Contents On Delivery

Might As Well Just Stick A Sign On It That Says Steal Me…

After Amazon Has Delivered 3 Of My Dad’s Packages To Neighbors Who Refuse To Give Them Back, He Has Left The Delivery Man A Little Help

Most Recent FedEx Delivery. A Solid Half Mile From Our House. Thanks To A Neighbor Who Saw It Happen And Called Us Several Hours Later So We Could Recover

Got A Delivery At Work And Saw This In The Van, Thats Going To Suck For Someone Else!

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