40 “Choosing Beggars” Whose Selfishness Will Make Your Blood Boil

From asking for ridiculous discounts to throwing tantrums after they don’t get them, see the people who will make you wipe the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers” from your dictionary once and for all in the gallery below!

 A Brilliant Way To Deal With “Influencers”

63 Sandwiches In 1 1/2 Hours!?! How Dare They!

My Mechanic Telling It How It Is. Support Artists And Labor Folk!

This Groomer Is Definitely Prepared For All The Choosing Beggars

I Won’t Invite You To My Baby Shower, But You Better Get Me A Gift

Choosing Beggar

Two years ago I saw that guy with the gas can begging for money. Tried to give him four dollars, but he said he doesn’t take anything less than five. After that I saw him there everyday for months. Turns out he’s a fraud with a new Jeep and a nice house. Been following him with this sign since.

This Guy Gets It

Broke Boy

Seems Like Indonesia Is Not Choosing Any Of Them Begpackers

Lady Wants Barely-Used Computer For $25

Mom Thinks Her Son Needs My Service Dog, Not Just Any Service Dog

Thought On Exposure

I Have To Pay For My Food?

Ungrateful Man Shames His Wife On A Public Forum Because The Dinner She Cooked Him Wasn’t To His Liking

So You Want Me To Unsell My Car And Are Offering Me Less Than It Sold For…

Everyone Named Sheldon Gets A Free Laptop

Youtube Musician Donates Guitar

Can You Draw Me For Free?

It’s Free Pool

If You Think It’s Simple

But I Only Have 800 Dollars

This Store Knows

Just To Persuade Him

“But It’s My Shift”

“Fortunately I’m Not In A Position Where I Need To Pay To Work”

It’s Free

No Uggos. Next!

Sign At My Local Tattoo Shop

A Friend Of Mine Just Sent Me This. Why Is It That “Cash Ready” Means You Should Get An Incredible Deal?

Woman Gets Trolled After She Gets Too Choosy

Woman Angry Book Pirating Site Is Being Sued, Complains To Author Whose Books She’d Been Stealing On Their Fan Page

Sister, Can You Spare A Dime?

He Is Always Asking For People To Help Pay For Rent And Bills. He Complains About Not Being Able To Afford Food… But He Thinks He Can Care For A Kitten…

Sorry I Dont Have Ca-

Choosing Beggar Has Questions

Hungry, But Not That Hungry

Still In Shock

Not Good Enough For Her…

Damn, That Sounds Like A Killer Investment

You Better Be Reliable And On Time For This Incredibly Below Minimum Wage Job

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