8 Celebrities Who Stopped Taking Care Of Their Body

At the point when big names are dealing with screen, they put their best self forward. These look stunning in light of the fact that they keep up their body well. Be that as it may, the minute they abandon themselves, or simply quit dealing with their body. These are a few superstars that appear to be very unique from when they used to deal with themselves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer turned into a mother of two from that point forward she has put on a decent measure of weight. She quit wearing thin fit dresses and decided on suits.

Eva Longoria

Eva increased additional pounds when she got hitched the Third time in May 2016. Be that as it may, this doesn’t trouble the couple, as they appreciate each time they are as one.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly used to eat less carbs and exercise to keep up her figure. In any case, after she got hitched and turned into a mother of two, she increased additional pounds and wouldn’t fret to be agreeable in her very own skin.

Russell Crowe

Russel has been available to new activities for his job, he wouldn’t fret putting on weight for his job either. He picked up practically 50lbs for The Nice Guys motion picture.

Tyra Banks

America’s Top Model, has increased additional pounds since 2006. She is a mother and endeavors to set aside a few minutes for both, her child and her vocation.

Vin Diesel

The bare headed, star is known for his sharpness in the flicks. This shirtless picture of him turned into a web sensation in 2016. Be that as it may, he got fit as a fiddle again for his next motion picture.

Kate Winslet

Kate doesn’t pursue the run of the mill Hollywood requirement for getting thinner. She disdains to do as such, only for the charm. Her weight has not affected her excellence and ability.


The ideal case of a ‘Goddess of a voice’, Adele has dependably been called plumpy, and after that Adele has lost over 30lbs. In any case, she before long returned to ordinary, as she abandoned keeping up.

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