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22 Photos Where the Reflection Opened a Portal to Another Reality

Nowadays creating a masterpiece that’s a picture of a parallel reality with the help of Photoshop is as easy as ABC. But taking a shot that will turn your consciousness upside down is still an uphill task for many. One of the ways to do this is to use reflections by playing with perspective.

A reflection of a tunnel in mirrored sunglasses

The glass gave this guy a different body.

This steering wheel reflection looks like a planet in the sky.

The reflection in this building makes it look like a bad rendering.

The whole street in one glass

This water glass created a fish out of my headphones.

The street lamps made this VW bug look like it has cartoon eyes.

“The reflection of the man to the left of me through this glass partition, coupled with the symmetry of the seats, created a cool ghosting effect.”

The reflection in these glasses looks like eyes.

This perfect tree reflection

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