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22 Photos Where the Reflection Opened a Portal to Another Reality

The reflections on these pots lined up just right.

The reflection in this window perfectly matches an identical, but different color, car.

The tapestry above my bed made a pretty sweet reflection in my coffee this morning.

“Every time I see this I think that the building is on fire, but it’s just a reflection of the sunset.”

This reflection of my lamp in my iPhone looks 3D.

“At the right time of day, my dog’s favorite napping spot makes him look really magical.”

The floor gave these raindrops a checkered pattern.

The reflection in the glass replaced the groom with a shark.

Underground water is so still it provides a perfect mirror for the stalactites at Luray Caverns.

The reflection makes this chimpanzee look like he is wearing her dress.

The reflection of the pizza oven in the window made it look like the car was on fire.

The perspective of this shot makes these guys look glued to the sky.

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