Ancient Tradition of the Qahtan Tribe: Floral Headpiece With Aesthetic and Health Advantages Spanning 2,000 Years

“The Flower Men adorn themselves with intricate flower crowns that are both visually striking and often weighty due to their lush foliage. These crowns are readily accessible and can be personalized to match the wearer’s individual style. Younger generations prefer vibrant flowers that reflect their personalities, while the older generation takes a more minimalist approach, incorporating medicinal herbs for their healing properties. The use of red and orange blossoms in the flower crowns is not only for aesthetic appeal but also believed to provide health benefits, such as alleviating headaches or sinus issues.

For the past two decades, Reda has immersed himself in the art of photography, coinciding with the transition from darkroom film development. Even after completing his university studies, his passion for photography persisted, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and their distinctive traditions.

In order to witness the tradition firsthand, the photographer embarked on a journey to the region and established a rapport with the tribe, known for their insularity towards outsiders. Through a series of captivating portraits, he beautifully captured the cultural abundance and diversity of Saudi Arabia. “I am constantly drawn to projects that possess exceptional narratives, highlighting the beauty and variety of our world, or conveying profound messages. Guided by the concept, I carefully craft the desired ambiance for my photographs,” he expressed.

Expanding further on his creative approach, Reda explained, “During my journeys, I primarily depend on natural light, occasionally employing a diffuser to soften the intensity of sunlight. For its convenience, I favor mirrorless cameras. In post-processing, I utilize Lightroom and apply my own presets to ensure a cohesive atmosphere throughout the photographs, regardless of variations in location and time.

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