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Eye-Opening Moments: Women Reveal Things They Had to Explain to Grown Men

Ignorance can sometimes seem blissful, but only if one doesn’t mind being perceived as completely clueless. Interestingly, individuals may remain unaware of their own lack of knowledge until someone enlightens them and removes the veil of obliviousness.

A subreddit thread on r/AskWomen recently delved into a related topic when a user asked the question, “What is something you had to explain to your partner that surprised you they didn’t know?” The responses received may sound unbelievable, but they genuinely occurred as shared by the respondents.

1. My bf genuinely thought it only takes one time to get pregnant. He’s had sex before but with condoms so now that we’re trying he literally looked at me and said how aren’t you pregnant yet? It only takes one time.

2. That ponies don’t grow up to be horses.

3. He thought the tapioca pearls in Boba drinks were caviar. He literally thought that they put FISH EGGS in boba. I still love him though.

4. not my partner, but just another man, but i feel that a lot of men think this way. he didn’t believe catcalling happened, or at least was _really_ rare, because he had never seen it happen and he hangs out with girls all the time

we informed him that was because no one was going to catcall a girl who was hanging out with a 6’3” 230 lb black man.

5. You can’t spot reduce fat with specific foods or specific workouts. You can isolate muscle groups to increase mass, for sure! But fat leaves where it wants to leave and there’s no cheat code that broccoli has that allows it to pew pew away belly fat.

No, the vaccine did not make you magnetic. It’s scientifically impossible for an injection of that size, *even if it was pure ferromagnetic metal*, to hold up a magnet. Your skin is sticky and would also hold up a piece of plastic. Besides, why put a tracker in you when you do it for free by carrying a cellphone.

6. That not everyone likes hugs or having their personal space invaded. My daughter and I do not like being touched but I am okay with him invading mine however my daughter is different. I had to explain to him that my daughter really does not like being hugged or having her hand held which he never thought of because his kids all love it. He said he felt really bad and apologized to her. He made her promise that if he ever does anything she dislikes she needs to tell him.

7. Why women put their phones in their back pockets. He was shocked when I stuck my hand down a front pocket to demonstrate how shallow it was.

8. My ex once saw some leftover period blood in my underwear; it was kinda dark reddish brown. He was super grossed out asking if I shat myself. I explained old blood was brown. He was disgusted. Anyway, he’s an ex. LOL.

9. My ex said it was ‘cringe’ that I use panty liners. He kept complaining about it to me, saying I should stop using them. I said no each time. Then he got pissed and said, ‘You probably get wet all the time — that’s why you have to use them!’ and I was like: ‘Seriously? You’re getting a PhD, and you don’t even know the female body? It’s normal to have discharge for women, and it has nothing to do with being horny.

10. He was in the bathroom with me while I was changing my tampon and he was like “There’s no such thing as a stupid question, right?” And I was like no, of course not, ask away. In the most quiet, shy voice I’ve ever heard him use, he asks: “so.. does it feel even a little bit pleasurable when you put it in?”

I’m his first girlfriend. it was honestly really cute

11. Not every woman can orgasm from penetration.

My other half was a bit of a player in his younger years so this surprised me a lot.

He still thinks I’m the rare one for not being able to.

12. That I wasn’t cheating on him.. he was seeing vaginal discharge in my underwear


13. That it’s not normal to drip pee outside of the toilet, and if you do, you either need to clean it up or start sitting down

14. I had to explain to my boyfriend, who was very much annoyed by the fact that my period came and went as it pleased, that I can’t just manually regulate it myself to make it punctual each month. It was…an experience for sure. Made me realize I indeed should have sued my period for being so unreliable (how dare it?! It be your own, fellas)

15. A partner told me that women and girls shouldn’t fart. I had to explain that we have a digestive system that produces gas just like men.

16. All the precautions I take when going out at night. He didn’t have a clue how many rules we memorize like (check the back seat, jump in and immediately lock the doors, ignore anything found on your windshields or windows, etc.)

17. Women can’t hold their menstrual fluid in like you do with urine. At the time I explained this, we were in our early twenties and he was well-educated with a college degree. He’s also very, very intelligent. I was utterly gobsmacked he didn’t know this.

18. That babies are born with their eyes open. I was about 8 months pregnant and he thought babies were like puppies/kittens/etc and asked me how long til our baby would open her eyes.

19. My husband, as an adult, did not know that the male gamete would supply either the x or Y chromosome that would determine the sex of the off spring. He told me he would be upset if I did not give him a male child and I was like, you know all I have to give is an x right? He was very surprised to learn that he would need to bring the y to the table and did not even believe me at first. I had to produce sources. In the end he did not bring his y game, but he’s still here and he loves being a girl dad.

20. Had to explain where the cervix was located, and that no his penis could not, in fact, go through to into uterus when he was ‘deep’.

I don’t blame him. I blame our educational system.

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