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Boston Home Inspection Insta Page Reveals 20 Jaw-Dropping Violations

If you have ever constructed or purchased a home, you might be aware that numerous rules and regulations need to be adhered to throughout the construction process. Even when buying a house, potential buyers usually hire a home inspector to ensure that everything meets the required standards and safety measures.

Although one might assume this job to be dull or monotonous, it is more akin to the work of a detective or crime analyst. A particular home inspector used to entertain his children by showing them photos of various violations he came across during his work. However, one day his daughter suggested that he create an Instagram account and share these astonishing discoveries with the world. And thus, the ‘Boston Home Inspectors’ Insta page was born, showcasing the most outrageous attempts at evading regulations. Some of these violations are presented in the gallery below.

Nothing Can Go Wrong Here!

Not Sure Where To Begin, But Yes, They Technically Do Have A Roof Deck!

Peg Leg Deck!

Railings And Spindles Are Overrated!

Listing Agent Says It Has A Closet!

Now I Need One!

Little Twist Here… Little Twist There

Lemonade Straight From The Faucet!

While You Are Waiting…

Almost There.. Little More To The Right!

Sometimes You Just Need A Set Of Two!

Bathroom Wall Is Growing Boobs!

Sometimes Life Just Gives You Way Too Many Options!

Nothing To See Here… Move Along!

Just A Little Tight!

Not Sure Where To Begin On This One?

Kinda Close!

Nothing Can Go Wrong Here??

No Safety Issues Here!!

Quick Exit For The Falling Kids!

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