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Awesome Marketing By The Gods Of Marketing

Tape it!

Best Guerrilla marketing idea

How to keep the citizens fit

The intelligent Kit Kat branding

McFries pedestrian crossing

The might Mars Br

The Copenhagen Zoo, trying their best to keep it real

Coco Cola taking advertisement to the next level

Super Man elevator

Try new watches on your way to work

Brilliant billboard idea by Apple

Duracell, powering the world

Intelligent bakery advertisement

McCafe street light

Homer eating donuts for The Simpsons movie launch

Stickers can fool dogs too

One of the best Indoor branding

Lay’s potato chips: Grown closer than you think

Brilliant Bat Light advertisement idea before the launch of the movie

South Carolina unique advertisement tactic

Modern furniture advertisement with modern era touch

Best way to promote the use of dustbins

The practical advertising

A mini football game while in the toilet

The display of extra space

The Airport transport Limousine service

The real 3D

Great usage of night glowing stickers

Surely it does for Tea fans

The 3D advertisements

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