Hilarious Puns That Will Make You Laugh

The Investigator

Finally the culprit is now arrested

What kind of shorts do clouds wear?

A dangerous Fish Tank

I got cold feet

Oh No, I never knew that

Ahh A sex tape

I lava you <3

A funny math Pun

Mario Cart

Ice Cube

Whats a big ‘mistake’?

How to throw a big party?

Get ready for a magic trick

Darth Vader going to work

Life is not a “Bed of Ros……”

Bananas can feel bad too

I am a big fan of renewable energy

Probably in a “Hoodie”

Need to find my Van…

With her son

You are reading a new history

Which one do you like?

Literally ‘Saving Private Ryan’

A Koala in shock!

Only real fans will get this

A deep one

Thats a PUN….

Or Jackie Chan?

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