Awesome Whimsical Winter Scenes From Old Snow Shovels

“I’ve been working with old rusty tools for a couple of years now and love giving these discarded items a new life.

I use a plasma torch and hand cut custom designs into old tools. Some items will have other parts welded on as well.

Most of my work involves saws, but I also work with shovels, rakes, masonry trowels – and well, pretty much anything else metal that I can find at a yard sale!”

How snowbabies are made

Here’s a closer look that shows how little snowbabies are “made” – I hope it’s not too graphic!

Snowball fight!

Detail shot of the snowball fight showing the wire and punched metal parts

Toboggan fun!

Detail of the Toboggan scene with wire stick arms. Some of the blue paint was chipped and some was burned off by the plasma torch

The snowbowl

A detailed shot of two players. I used a Craftsman saw medallion as the football, staples as part of the helmets and again, wires for the arms

The tree swing

Not many people notice the squirrels right away, but this is one of my favorite designs!

Christmas at the Ranch, on a snow shovel

Wire wreaths, with paint with color to add to the seasonal look

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