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People Are Turning Their Eyebrows Into Christmas Trees, And The Result Is Truly Festive

“Oh Christmas brow, oh Christmas brow, how lovely are your arches…”

What? Oh, sorry. You caught us caroling again. We were just celebrating the latest brow trend to reach Earth – Christmas tree brows! Just in time for the holiday season, you can now learn how to turn those boring tufts of hair above your eyes into a sparkling, joy-bringing centerpiece thanks to Canadian beauty guru ‘taytay_xx.’

Santa hat brows are good. Bauble brows are pretty jolly. Feather brows are… Well, let’s not go back there again. Christmas tree brows, however, are sure to get all of your friends and family in a festive mood. Or convince them that you probably shouldn’t have any more ‘cups of cheer.’

Scroll down to see these glorious garlands for yourself, and find out how you can achieve the look that has everyone saying ‘all I want for Christmas is a ticket to Mars, like right now.’

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