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Breathtaking Aerial Shots Of The Most Glorious Places On Earth

How many of you out there dreamed of soaring through the clouds like a majestic eagle? Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. Am I right? Well, you can rest easy now, as with today’s technology we can finally get a good long look at our totally flat Earth from the bird’s eye view, using hi-tech drones (most of the time) and insanely courageous photographers.

Here are 15 beautiful aerial shots of the most glorious places on Earth!

1. Here’s an enormous image of Genghis Khan in Mongolia.

2. A top-down view of Big Buddha in Hong Kong.

3. Oh how I love these aerial photos or mountain roads.

4. “Infinite Road to Transylvania” may very well live up to its name.

5. This giant Gulliver in Scotland can only be seen from the above.

6. Would you ever have guessed that this is Chicago Botanical Garden as seen by every single bird flying over it?

7. Even this old military scrapyard full of tanks and planes looks incredible from above.

8. Life is a Circle… At least that’s what they call this installation in Sydney, Australia.

9. Tegallalang rice terraces in Bali – I’m loving the view!

10. What could this be? A cave? Some weird portal to the world of fairies? Or… a dam? Yup, that’s a Huia Dam in New Zealand!

11. Now anyone with access to Google Maps can finally make their childhood dreams come true. You can find an actual 55 ft painting of Waldo on one of the Vancouver rooftops. All thanks to a Canadian student, Melanie Coles.

12. It’s just a colossal pink bunny that can be seen from a mile high. Prata Nevoso, Italy.

13. This city is a real maze! Chefchaouene, Morocco.

14. The sea near Nemuro, Japan, completely freezes over in February.

15. Just a bunch of flamingos flying over the marshland and what’s left of the river in Southern Spain. Fun fact, flamingos often get stuck in the muck, and can’t fly away, becoming an easy prey for… something or other. Are there any predatory animals in Spain? Probably.

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