Chinese Build Unbelievable 350ft Waterfall On A Skyscraper

A construction company in Guiyang, China decided to try something a little different

They built the world’s largest man-made waterfall onto the side of their skyscraper

But while there’s no denying that it does look spectacular

It requires 4 huge pumps to lift the recycled water 350ft up before it cascades down the side of the building

And because of electricity costs, believed to be over $100 an hour, the waterfall is only in use for special occasions

Many people have reacted negatively to what they perceive as an extremely wasteful vanity project

While others thought it was a great new tourist attraction for the city

“Personally I think it’s nice,” Guiyang resident Tengyu Zhang told Bored Panda

“Since Huangguoshu waterfall is the most famous waterfall in China and it’s located nearby, this one can be like a small ad for that”

Some commenters also loved the idea

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