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Comics Which Clearly Illustrates Love Before And After 30 Years Of Age

6. These comics not only define love but also maturity. After you are mature enough, you tend to care more about things that he/she needs rather than just buying things to charm him/her.

7. Parties are never more pleasant and fun than a beautiful sunset.

8. It’s funny how the same person tempts you differently after you are 30 years of age.

9. Comics like these are so true. Before 30, everybody is concerned about getting pregnant and is not the news they want to hear. After 30 however, it’s a thing of joy.

10. The more time you spend with each other, the more comfortable you get with anything. You know you can be yourself next to him/her. That’s what love is.

11. After 30, you just become somebody who is concerned about the future and not somebody who falls in love just because you are the person is creative and it will be fun to stay with him.

12. This is one of the truest comics in this list and it clearly shows the fear of making out, a girl has before 30. The same girl after 30 however, would love to have an encounter.

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