Decisions Made by People Who Aren’t Afraid of Looking Childish

When you want to experiment more than you want to listen to your mind:

A connect-the-dots tattoo

“My girlfriend wants to talk about me being childish but she doesn’t have the password to enter.”

How Brazilians form a queue in the World Cup:

How to use the bathroom while wearing a big wedding dress:

Taking the dog for a stroll

“My boyfriend won a pack of temporary dinosaur tattoos last night. We made the obvious choice.”

Anything becomes better with pizza on it!

He can adapt really quickly.

When you really want to have a balcony:

As long as there are girls like this, Instagram has a future.

“Been making some friends at the pool party in Punta Cana tonight. Work smarter, not harder.”

It keeps the body going.

“The button of my friend’s pants popped off mid-party. ’I have an idea,’ he said…”

“No corkscrew? I gotcha, comrades!”

“My neighbor doesn’t want to buy a riding lawnmower.”

Because real men don’t cry…

“So, we got our graduation photos back.”

“My father is a genius.”

“I found this invisible man in Nice, France.”

“I found the Duk Mobil in Madison today!”

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