Hilarious Memes From the Russian World Cup (Sorry, Germany Fans)

Here are the most hilarious memes of the World Cup 2018. Get ready for lots of laughing even if you didn’t follow the tournament at all!

1. When Germany got knocked out too quickly:

2. This moment says everything about the relationships within the Russian team.

3. Neymar’s “noodle” haircut recreation

4. Which is your favorite yoga pose of the day?

5. This translates to “I’m not married.”

6. Watching the World Cup

7. The endless army of Russian fans

8. Diego Maradona and his roller coaster of emotions

9. When the parachute for Argentina didn’t open and got knocked out:

10. What the ref saw when he went to check Rojo’s hand ball on VAR:

11. The scream that came out of Joachim Loewe when Germany didn’t qualify

12. The almighty Russian goalkeeper at the penalty shoot-out with Spain

13. Someone’s WI-FI password right on the back of a football player

14. There was a special plane that carried Germany home.

15. How most Americans feel about the World Cup:

16. Some fans still got to see Germany but in a different way.

17. Iranian fans obviously had to take risks in order to come to the tournament.

18. Someone found a leaked photo of Argentina’s defense.

19. English football is coming home.

20. All the “big” football nations on their way home

21. Iceland’s defense in one picture

A new Marvel hero, Dragonfly Man, taking part in the World Cup

23. Panama showing some dance moves during the game

24. This is how the world saw Egypt’s team:

25. Live images of Ronaldo carrying Portugal

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