Did You Know That A Disappearing Text App Would Prevent Cheaters From….

Probably many people including certain celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Tiger Woods, for example, would wish an app like this was available before. ‘Confide’ is a recently launched phone app that make messages “self destruct” after being read. The app has been proclaimed as the “Snapchat for professionals”.


The app creators’ main idea was that ‘Confide’ would be useful to business professionals by letting them keep certain correspondence secret. Howard Lerman, CEO of Yext and Jon Brod, an ex AOL executive, pointed out that their creation could be more than helpful when you receive confidential information which you are not supposed to share.

However, the app could prove useful in other, less business-related situations. Considering that technology is responsible for lots of cheaters getting caught these days due to browsing history, webcam access and computer forensics, ‘Confide’ could prevent all that from happening. The app not only destroys your messages after you have seen them but it doesn’t even possess the technology to read them. It means the messages are not even stored on any servers and no one has the ability to retrieve them even if the National Security Agency requests it.

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