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Did You Know That Russian Scientist Photographed the Soul Leaving the…

There is a special process developed by the renowned Russian scientist Konstantin Krotkov being implemented nowadays. The scientist and his team attempted to better understand the hidden mysteries of the human soul. His technique is called GDV which stands for “gas-discharge visualization”.


More simply put, the process is being used to capture a snapshot of any object’s invisible aura.
Nowadays, scientists are able to take pictures of the human soul as it leaves the body of a dying person. From the conclusions based on the photographs, the soul leaves the body gradually. The body starts losing its life force from the stomach area to the head area which gradually follows.

According to Krotkov his technique could be used for medical purposes. With GDV it’s very easy to gather information about both the psychological and physiological state of a human being. It could also be used to determine the legitimate psychics from the imposters.

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