Did you know that This anti-aging chocolate will make you look…

Imagine living in a world where eating chocolate doesn’t make you fat. Now imagine living in a world where eating chocolate makes you look 30 years younger. This may soon become a reality thanks to a British company named Lycotec.


The company has created an innovative product, called Esthechoc. The Estechoc is a unique type of chocolate with seemingly magical powers. The product, which consists of 70% dark chocolate, has the potential to make your skin appear and feel 30 years younger. The researchers at Lycotec claim that volunteers aged between 50 and 60 who tried out the product have experienced astonishing results. After eating Esthechoc every single day for 3-4 weeks their skin rejuvenated and made them look as young up to 30 years younger. The tests show that the magical chocolate can reduce skin inflammation, boost the blood circulation, and slow down the natural aging process. The company will present their product at the Global Food Innovation Summit, which will take place in London, UK, this March. That’s when we’ll learn the magical product’s price.
Apart from the stunning advantages of Esthechoc, other types of chocolate have proven to be effective in protecting us from potential strokes and heart attacks.

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