Epic Shots That Could Only Be Made by Grand Masters of Timing

You may spend all your money on a good camera and all your focus on a perfect picture, but there are times when, even after so much effort, the pictures don’t come out as expected. And then there are times when your smartphone camera does the same job giving the desired results with so much ease. The beauty of these well-timed photos is that they don’t have to be taken by professionals.

1. Not every frog is a cursed prince!

2. This man got the shock of his life when he saw his sleeping wife:

3. Show me the light.

4. Tried attempting an eclipse with a basketball?

5. As if the sign board was required…

6. Can’t resist eating something that cute?

7. It appears summers have hit hard this year…

8. What kind of photo op is that now?

9. Oh! That must have been messy!

10. Childhood is always amazing.

11. Oops! Someone get an antacid, please…

Check the photobomber on the left…well, it’s not really his fault…

13. The shirts have eyes too.

14. The tan got a little too much, huh?

15. And that’s what you call perfect timing…

16. I believe I can fly!

17. And this surely deserves a place in the “holding the leaning tower of Pisa” photos!

18. Is that a new breed?

19. A shoulder rub by the sun himself! Could you ask for more?

20. Shouldn’t the one clicking be running away?

21. The cool Buddha

22. Should he feel lucky or unlucky?

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