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Extraordinary Near-Death Experiences Described By Survivors

The idea of life after death has intrigued mankind for as long as we can remember. It is implemented in the foundations of almost every religion that has ever existed and for some people it is the only reason to try to be nice during their lives.

And surely enough, a lot of people have shared their near dead experiences, which bare an unexplainable similarity, that certainly raises some questions.

And surely enough, a lot of people have shared their near dead experiences, which bare an unexplainable similarity, that certainly raises some questions.

One of the oldest surviving reports of a near death experiences was written by the Greek philosopher Plato. In a chapter of his book “Republic” he tells the story of a soldier named Er, who awoke at his funeral and described the strange places he had been to in his journey through the afterlife.
Describing the escape from the dark cave, the flight of the soul and the vision of a pure celestial being, this text remarkably matches to an almost near perfection the NDE reports recorded in modern time.
And while there are countless reports for this phenomenon, we have compiled a list of some of the most intriguing near death experiences to this day.

 Anne Sanderson faced the Death at the age of two and explained everything as if it was yesterday

Anne Sanderson is a 66 year old retired medical secretary in Larbert, Scotland. She lives with her husband Derek, and they have two grown up children. Anne has a most interesting story to tell about hear near death experience as a child.

64 years ago, when she was just a toddler, she and her twin sister Lesley were put in a shared cot. Anne remembers everything as if it was yesterday, describing the room and the exact her position and that of her twin sister. Her sister sneezed and that gave her a start, she fell over the cot side and on to the floor, and what followed is one of the most bizarre near death experiences you might stumble upon.

Anne recalls finding herself floating high above the Earth’s surface looking over at the entire globe, the vivid colors of the land and the seas overwhelming her sight. She had noticed that a strand of silver is coming out of her left hand side and extending all the way down to earth. She felt perfectly calm and tranquil at the time, like floating in space was just something natural for her.

Some time later, she woke up in the hospital with a broken collar bone.
Now I know that you are probably thinking that there is nothing quite that bizarre in that story, but remember that this happened way back in 1951, and Anne had no way of ever seeing a photo of Earth from outer space. Yet she describes so well, what astronauts will see a decade later.

The girl that was returned to help her family

Dr. Mary Neal shares an intriguing near death experience in her 2012 book “To Heaven and back”. In 1999 she had a kayaking incident. Her kayak flipped over and she was pinned underwater for anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes.

During that time she found herself among God, Jesus and angels in the heavens. God told her that he has to return her to help her family through hard times, and more specifically her son’s death. She wasn’t told when that would happen, but she knew her son Willie is going to die.

She was rescued from the kayak, and woke up in the hospital with broken limbs and problems in the lungs. She had to spend six weeks in a wheelchair, before she could move on with her live. And she did move on hoping for this memory to be a mere dream. But ten years later, Willie died in a car accident, and it was clear to hear that this is what she was warned about.

Mary is quite convinced that Jesus himself helped her while she was trapped underwater, until rescuers managed to get her ashore.

The atheist who became a believer

Howard Storm, a professor in arts, had his near death experience in Paris, France. He was with his students and his wife on an art tour in Europe. One night in his hotel room, he suddenly felt pain, screamed and collapsed on the floor. Luckily his wife was there and called for help.

Later in the hospital, she was told that her husband had a perforated stomach, a condition that requires a timely surgery. There was no doctor available that could take care of him, so they had to wait. It was a long and painful experience for Howard, he felt that he is fading away, and at some point he said his final farewell to his wife, as he was sure that those are his final moments. Moments later he found himself standing near his hospital bed, looking at himself lying there. He felt no more pain, and he was actually feeling great.

Soon after he heard unknown voices calling on to him. He first tried to speak to his wife, but realized that she can not see or hear him. So he followed the voices. They led him out of the room and down a dark hallway. As it was getting darker and scarier, Howard told the voices that he refuses to go any further. That enraged them and they attacked him. Howard recalls a big fight, and remembers how he was painfully bitten and torn. He feels uncomfortable describing everything that those demons did to him. But he clearly remembers a soft voice that told him to pray to God, and pray he did. After a couple of prayers, Jesus himself appeared to save him. He helped him find his way back, and instructed him to live his life differently.

This experience made a believer out of Howard, who was a hardcore atheist prior to that accident. Howard published a book based on this experience in 2000. The book’s name is “My Descent into Death”.

Amanda Cable whose daughter brought her back to life

The 5th of September 2003 is a day that Amanda will never forget. It was the first school day for her daughter Ruby, and also the day she died (for a short while).

After feeling sick for several days with no signs of improvement, Amanda called her GP and just in time. By the time the doctor came in she was in a very bad condition and he had to call an Ambulance. Her diagnose was an ectopic pregnancy. The doctors didn’t take it seriously enough and she was given pain killers and put under monitoring for the night. Her husband was immediately called to her bedside, but she insisted that he goes back home to take care of the kids and prepare their daughter Ruby for her first day at school.

Despite the painkillers her condition got worse and she called the nurse. The next thing she knew the doctors were rushing her into the operating room. She was dizzy and in pain, she was hearing the doctors cursing, and then her pulse stopped. But yet she was perfectly aware of her surroundings. She realized that she was dying, recalling all her loved ones sending them silent goodbyes. And suddenly she felt sucked towards the bright operating light. She found herself in a white tunnel, away from all the cursing and noises in the operating room, feeling no pain but rather light and clear headed. She felt no fear, even though she perfectly realized what is happening to her. Feeling that her already passed away loved ones are expecting her on the other side, she was about to go for it, but then she felt a presence near hear. She turned towards that direction, expecting to see her grandmother, but she was quite amazed to see her daughter Ruby dressed in her new school uniform with her hair neatly tied in bunches. This was the first time she ever saw her in a school uniform, and she never before made her hair in bunches, so she was a bit surprised.

Ruby grabbed her hand and while smiling asked her to come with her, they headed in the opposite direction, and Ruby was constantly urging her to move, while constantly turning her head to check if she is still behind. They reached a door, Amanda hesitated and thought once more of those awaiting her on the other side, but Ruby was insistent and urged her to go through the door. Once she stepped over, Ruby slammed the door.

At this moment Amanda felt the electric shock surging through her body, and she was back. Hours later after she was taken out of intensive care, her husband Ray arrived to see her, and he brought a picture of Ruby’s first day at school.

Upon looking at the picture Amanda was left speechless, as she saw her daughter in the same uniform and with the same hairstyle as she was in her dream.

To this day Amanda is contemplating on that moment as it was far more memorable than the painful recovery she had to go through after that operation.

Zushiba’s aunt near death experience

A user posting under the alias Zushiba has shared her aunt’s near death experience which occurred while she was undergoing surgery. She described how she was floating above the operating table observing herself and the doctors trying to save her. Suddenly she felt a pull and flew out of the room and found herself floating a couple of inches off the ground, above a field of dirt bordering a deep and very dark chasm. She couldn’t see the bottom of it, but on the other side of the chasm she saw a beautiful field with grass, flowers and sunshine, while on her side of the chasm it was an overcast, and there was no vegetation, just dirt.

As she was gazing at the beautiful field, a pair of hands came out of the dark pit reaching toward her. They grabbed her and started pulling her violently, she felt as if her flesh was thorn from her legs. The hands caused her pain like no other, but eventually she managed to drag herself back to the dirt and there was only blackness before her. Right after that she found herself back in the operating room floating near the ceiling, and she observed how her body spasm and her hand slapping that of the doctor operating her, breaking his watch. That is the last thing she remembers while out of her body, and her next memory was waking up in the hospital bed.

A glimpse of hell

While most of the NDE’s describe the blissful feeling of heaven around the soul, there are some that weren’t quite so lucky.

This next one is the story of Angie Fenimore, who attempted suicide back in 1991. She describes that she has been put under a review of her entire life, each and every moment she had lived through, and each and every decision she has ever taken. All interactions she ever had with other people were replayed before her eyes, and she could feel the emotions her actions have induced in those people.

After that she found herself surrounded by endless darkness and in that darkness she was able to recognize the silhouettes of a group of young people who she presumed to be suicides just as her. She was able to communicate with them without opening her mouth, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get a response from any of the other souls.

Later she found herself in a different part of hell, in an open field, full of aimlessly wandering tortured souls, able to communicate, but too obsessed with their own misery to do so.
Strange enough Angie’s description is a very close match to the Revelation of Sister Josefa Menendez who was an early 20th century Spanish nun, said to have been directed by god to write a description of hell.

Elizabeth Taylor

Next up on our list is a celebrity, none other but Elizabeth Taylor. While being interviewed by Larry King live on CNN and ABS news, she spoke of her near death experience in the late 50’s. She recalled passing through a tunnel towards a bright light. She describes meeting the spirit of Michael Todd, her third husband who tragically died in a plane crash. Mike was her big love, and she really wanted to stay with him. But his spirit told her that she has a lot more work waiting for her and pushed her back to life.

She remembers the moment when she woke and saw eleven people in the room that had already pronounced her dead and put her death notice on the wall. The medical team witnessed her testimonial of the near death experience, but after that she kept quiet about it for quite some time, because it sounded really weird.
It is a good thing she decided to share it with Larry, and of course with us.

Brought back by her daughter’s cries

Carol Page is a 70 year old retired nurse living in Pertshire, Scotland. A mother of three, and a survivor of a near death experience.

She gone through painstaking labor, delivering her daughter, when things went terribly wrong and she was on the brink of death. She remembers her baby being taken away, and the doctors doing CPR on her. Then suddenly all the pain stopped and she found herself floating above her own body. She could still hear the voices of the medical staff, but none of the panic in the room could reach her, she felt perfectly calm surrounded gentle pink and white colors.

She really wanted to stay in this pain free place, but she heard the cries of her newborn daughter and she immediately realized that she has to come back. Then she heard a voice “Christ, she’s back”, and she was back her body. The pink and white color have gone and everything was covered in red and black, and the pain was back.

A few hours later, while holding her daughter Rachel in her arms, she felt relieved. She thought she was going to lose both herself and the baby, but thankfully it all turned all right.

Betty Eadie’s trip to heaven and the library of knowledge

One of the most detailed stories of a near death experience is that of Betty Eadie. At the age of 31 she underwent partial-hysterectomy surgery. There were complications and Betty was clinically dead for quite a long time. She describes how she was released from her body and stood before three angels who told her that she has died before her time has come, and she will be returned. She recalls traveling through many places, eventually passing through a dark tunnel. Seeing the light in the end, she believes that was Jesus himself.

Blind people can see during a NDE

Our next story is that of Vicki Umipeg, as described by Dr. Kenneth Ring’s and Sharon Cooper’s study on the near death experiences of blind people. The results of that study are included in their book “Mindsight”.

Vicki is a unique subject that has been blind her entire life. Her optic nerve was severely damaged due to excess oxygen in the incubator she was placed in as a newborn. She spent her entire life in darkness, yet she was able to describe her near death experience with a lot of detail that is beyond the perception of a blind person.

As with many other people, Vicki found herself floating above herself near the ceiling of the operating room. What was different is that she could see for the first time in her life (well maybe not exactly “in her life”).

She observed a doctor and a nurse working over a body, which she came to realize is her. She noticed the fine details such as her slim figure, a gold band on her finger, her father’s and her own wedding rings. She was even able to notice the fine incrustation on the ring, which are orange blossoms.

It is quite remarkable to get such a detailed description of details that can only be perceived by sight from a blind person that was clinically dead.

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