Got Toddlered: Parents Share Photos Of Them Before And After Having Kids, And The Difference Is Hilarious

Some things change you forever. But neither first love, nor graduation, nor anything else affect you as much as bringing up a child. Mike Julianelle, the man behind a blog called Dad and Buried has started a funny trend, inspiring people to share pictures before and after they became parents to show how their kids ‘ruined’ them.

Julianelle himself has two kids. “Detective Munch is 7 and The Hammer is 2,” he told Bored Panda. He has been sharing the painfully hilarious truth about parenting on his blog for quite some time now. But it was after he uploaded his version of ‘Before and After Parenthood’ when things really took off for him. “I had been creating a series of memes showing rooms [and] stuff kids have destroyed and after I posted a photo of my before/after face, a user suggested I make it a series and ask for submissions. It was a great idea!”

Mike says that his blog aims to provide humor and a feeling of solidarity for parents who are dealing with the challenges of raising kids. “[It] has always been about not taking this gig too seriously, and these photos are a great way to visually represent that. Everyone who submits is in on the joke, we all love our kids but there’s no denying the toll parenting takes! If you can’t laugh about it you’ll never survive!” Scroll down to enjoy the fun and upvote your favorite entries!

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