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Socially Awkward Situations And Funny Random Thoughts That Gained This Artist 100,000 Followers

Some comics are so random that they become hilarious because of that. And that’s exactly the case with RandoWis comics.

The man behind the comics is Rando from Singapore. “I used to call myself ‘Random Wisdom’, but that was long ago when I made comics in private for my friends,” the author Rando wrote on his website. “After they convinced me to share my comics and realizing how crummy the old ones were, I decided to restart ‘Random Wisdom’ and renamed it ‘RandoWis’.”

The author based all of his characters on real people and gathers the inspiration for the comics from his daily life and situations.

RandoWis comics are extremely popular on the internet and the author has over 100k followers on Facebook.

Take a look at some of his comics below.

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