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If You Think The World Is A Terrible Place These Wholesome Pics Will Change Your Mind

We all need to recharge sometimes. Everyone has those days when life just seems dull and wrong, like the world is going against us. The world isn’t going against anyone. The world is going round and it’s beautiful. We’re just really bad at noticing it sometimes.

This list, compiled by Bored Panda, shows good things only. These stories are going to hit you with a force. A force of positivity!

We hope the heartwarming pictures on this list are the getaway you needed. And if you want to keep scrolling, here are some more wholesome pics. Check the beautiful stories down below and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!
Experiencing The Colours Like Normal People For The First Time

Today, My Next Door Pregnant Neighbor Knocked On My Door

This Makes Me Smile

Kids Get A $2 Discount If They Read A Book Aloud To This Barber In Michigan


Dog Who Suffered Severe Burns Finally Meets The Vet That Saved Him!

Kind Stranger! While Hiking This Dog Sliced An Artery In Her Foot. A Man Happened To Be Passing Right When This Happened And It Truly Was Fate Since The Girl Could Not Carry A 70lb Dog Up The Steep Trail. Dave, Wouldn’t Accept Money Or A Gift Card, He Just Wanted A Picture

Faith In Humanity Restored

Skittles To Make You Extra Happy



A Young Iranian Boy Is Cancer-Stricken, Yet His Teacher Comes To Visit Him Everyday In Hospital To Fill Him In On What He Has Missed At School

Never Underestimate The Power Of Small Good Deeds

The World Changed For The Better

Dons The Don

Park Ranger Andre Comforts Orphan Gorilla Nadakasi Through The Sounds Of Bombs And Mortars Firing Above Virunga National Park

4 Hours Into An 8 Hour Flight From Spain To NYC, A Child Suffered An Asthma Attack And His Medicine Was In A Checked Bag. Fortunately A Pioneer Of Robotic Surgery Happened To Be On Board, And Dr. Khurshid Guru Was Able To Macguyver A Nebulizer And Save His Life

Just An Old Man Pushing His Dog On A Swing

13 Truck Drivers Park Side-By-Side Under A Bridge To Stop Man From Committing Suicide

Teacher In Ghana Teaching ‘Ms Word’ On Chalkboard Went Viral And Received Overwhelming Donations From All Over The World

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