Guy Gets Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend, And It Escalates Hilariously

If you have trust issues, this post is about to validate you in so many ways. A student at Ohio State University recently got a few risky texts from ‘AJ,’ a guy with a girlfriend, and decided to put the conversation up on the school’s public Snapchat group. What followed was a meltdown so epic, Mount Vesuvius should take notes.

“Every AJ is bouta get questioned,” one student replied to the Snap. As fate would have it, the ‘AJ’ community came together to clear their (collective) name after facing widespread damnation, and eventually pressured the original poster of the photo into revealing the cheater’s identity. We’re guessing you’ve been on the Internet long enough by now to guess what happened next.

AJ messed up big-time, and pretty much everyone on Snapchat wanted to make sure he knew it. Responses from fellow OSU students, nearby States, and eventually foreign countries began pouring in, all expressing a common message – “f**k you, AJ.” The ladies’ man himself has yet to come forward and comment, so we can only assume he’s already stated his 10-year hiatus from social media from which he may or may not return.

Scroll down to see it all for yourself, and remember to always be careful with who you tell your darkest secrets to. Or just don’t cheat on people and lie. That works too.
When an Ohio State University student received these texts from a cheater, she just had to share them on the school’s public Snapchat group

Other students quickly noticed, and started a quest to find the mysterious ‘AJ’

The ‘AJ community’ was desperate to find him so they could clear their names

Finally, the original poster revealed his identity, and all hell broke loose from there

Editors note: We have intentionally blurred out the name for privacy reasons
People managed to track down AJ’s social media pages, and the pics they found were… Um…

The memes just wouldn’t stop pouring in

Soon, the whole world had joined in to roast AJ on Snapchat – even a damn Teletubby

Yikes, AJ – we’ll look forward to hearing your response when you resurface in 10 years

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