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Hilarious Comics For Socially Awkward People

Spending time with other people can be really entertaining but from time to time we are doomed for some degree of social awkwardness. No comics examine this side of human interaction better than “The Pigeon Gazette” by Jane Zei.

The hilarious webcomics mostly revolve around one nerdy girl who always picks the worst words for conversations. Her everyday struggles include her love life, her career, and other common themes. Jane admits that some of these stories are autobiographical. But what does all of this have to do with pigeons?

“I’ve always considered the pigeon the perfect, compassionate metaphor for the humbly average human being,” Jane explains. “You see pigeons every day, drab and gray, dirty with the city dust, pecking away at crumbs, milling about aimlessly in flocks, fearful of your feet. They’re so often dismissed as just another urban vermin with little grace, intelligence, or purpose to them. But if you look closer, if you really take the time to observe their existence, you notice the delicate patterns to their plumage.”

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