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Hilarious Comics That Show What Would Happen If Zombies Lived Among Us

When they’re not hunting for human brain, the undead can be cute as well. Artist Emi MG is creating whimsical zombie comics, placing them in everyday situations with humans, and her strips perfectly reveal the sweet side of those adorable freaks.

Emi has a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and Illustration, giving her all the required knowledge and skill to masterfully portray her humorous stories. And she delivers! From having fun with their limbs to buying extra ones online, Emi’s zombie comedy blends horror movie motifs with humor in clever and unexpected ways. Scroll down to check out her work and upvote your favorite pieces!
Shot In The Feelings

Throw Me A Bone

Vampire Filter

I Moustache You For Id

Got Ya Nose

Hissed Off

Head Above The Rest


Costs An Arm

That’s A Wrap

Buried Alive

Mummy’s Spaghetti


You Wanna Pizza This?

Shorely That’s All Of It

Have A Gourd Halloween


High Spirits


Dog, Cat & The Bird

Dog, Cat & The Bird

Phantom Hand

Keep Your Head In The Game

Skeleton Out Of Ten

You’ve Been Randomly Selected


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