Hilarious Pictures That Prove Timing Is Everything

Even if you don’t believe in luck or destiny, you have to agree that sometimes, timing can be everything. Meeting the right person, finding a $5 bill on the ground, accomplishing your life’s goals no matter how big or small they are… more often than not, the best things in life are possible simply because you were in the right place at the right time.

If you somehow disagree with that principle, you simply need to check out these absolutely hilarious, nearly too-good-to-be-true pictures. A little bit of skill—and a whole lot of luck—led a few amateur photographers to hit the capture button on their cameras at the perfect time, taking some of the funniest pictures we’ve ever seen!

Real-life Nyan Cat!

In 2011, a fairly ridiculous YouTube video merged a Japanese pop song and an animated cartoon cat (with a Pop-Tart for a body), leaving a rainbow trail behind it as it flew through space. This Nyan Cat video somehow went viral, and it became the fifth most viewed video on YouTube that year. More than six years later, it’s still the subject of several memes and T-shirts.

Well, it’s taken more than half a decade, but someone finally managed to capture a picture of a real-life Nyan Cat! House cats love laying by windows to bathe in the sunlight, but on this particular day, the window cast a rainbow effect on the carpet right next to this sleepy feline. From the way the cat is stretching, it genuinely looks like it’s trying to fly and the rainbow is coming out of its butt.

Perfect place to advertise beets

Not enough people include beets in their diet. Sure, the root vegetables stain your teeth a bit, but they’re excellent sources of potassium, copper, dietary fiber, magnesium, vitamin C and a variety of other essential nutrients. To encourage people to start eating more beets, an organization posted an advertisement on a giant billboard, which states “just beet it.” They likely didn’t know that their billboard would be right next to a sign which reads “my plans don’t include teen pregnancy.” Separate, these two ads are totally well-intentioned and innocent… but together, it looks like the town is trying to say that the best way to avoid teen pregnancy is to, well, “beet it.” We’re sure we don’t have to explain the accidentally hilarious picture any further than that.

Fashion blunder

When this young businesswoman went to a hotel conference in a rainbow-spotted top and a stunning blue skirt, she had no idea that she’d be ridiculed for her entirely professional and attractive outfit. When she got to the conference hall, all of her co-workers immediately noticed that she perfectly matched the hotel’s carpet! Everyone forced this poor woman to lay down on the floor to show off this humiliating coincidence and, even though she covered her face in shame for this funny picture, she was a good sport about the fashion blunder and played along. It’s stuff like this that makes us feel the need to check out every carpet we encounter on a normal workday in advance, so we don’t fall victim to this same fashion blunder.

Just following the script

We always thought that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this clever old pooch definitely disproves that age-old phrase. His owners have a station wagon with the license plate “1EARUP,” so he decided to show off his reading comprehension skills by sitting in the backseat with one ear down and one ear up, just like the plate instructs. We’d love any picture that features this adorable dog because he’s got a great smile and is undoubtedly a very good boy, but the dog’s ability to perfectly follow the script laid out right in front of him for this perfectly timed piece of art makes it so much better! In fact, we think the only thing wrong with this picture is that we can’t reach through our computer screens and give this doggo a treat and a good belly rub.

Lego Man

This ridiculously funny image proves that you don’t need a fancy, expensive camera to take the sort of picture that will go viral online. Some ordinary person with minimal photography experience noticed that the positioning of the seat bars in front of her made it look like the man sitting in the next row had a Lego head, so she whipped out her cell phone and captured this work of art. The subject of her picture likely had no clue what she was doing and, even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to yell at her for taking the picture without his permission because his face is perfectly covered by the faux Lego head—complete with a creepy pair of eyes.

Not the best shirt design

When your school’s mascot is a Great White Shark, you have to be very careful with the sort of shirts you design to promote your sports teams. For example, a shirt with the phrase “it is great to be white” written next to a picture of a shark might seem like a good idea in theory… but once you actually go out and wear that shirt in public, you immediately realize that it’s actually a horrible idea! This poor guy had to take a city bus to get to his school’s sporting event. The moment he sat next to a black woman, he realized that he made a huge mistake. You can tell from his awkward facial expression that he’s torn between cowering in shame and trying not to laugh, a struggle that we can totally relate to every time we look at this hilariously uncomfortable picture.

Flamingos… in the shape of a flamingo

Flamingos find safety in numbers, so they typically travel in large flocks. That’s pretty normal for birds, but there’s no way the group formation in this picture can be classified as even remotely normal. Someone managed to snap an aerial picture of several hundred flamingos traveling around a muddy lake in the shape of a giant flamingo. We’ve seen human pep bands and flash mobs pull off stuff like this with a lot of difficulty and rehearsed choreography, but flamingos?! The shape is too perfect to be a coincidence, but we can’t think of any possible explanation for how this could have been planned. Maybe flamingos are obviously way smarter than we think and apparently have a sense of humor.

Water, no! Water, stop!

This year’s hurricane season was the fifth most active season since records began in 1851 and cost the US over $368.66 billion in damages. The amount of devastation hurricanes bring is no laughing matter, but we can’t help chuckling at this particular image. On an ordinary day, people wouldn’t look twice at the stop sign below Water St.’s street sign… but in the middle of a city-wide flood, it looks like the sign is hilariously begging the water to stop rising! Sometimes, beauty and humor can be found in some seriously dark and depressing situations, and we give this photographer some serious credit for capturing that. We also hope that the hurricane listened to the stop sign and moved on from Water St. soon after the picture was taken.

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