Hilariously Awkward Signs From India

Seriously, this will definitely brighten up your day.

1. This odd way of dealing with shoplifting.

2. This place that serves all kinds of sandwiches.

3. This surprise adult content road.

4. This escalated reaction.

5. This mobile repair/sex life improvement shop.

6. This warning against the dangers of dancing and somethings.

7. This academy for all your rectal problems.

8. This bloody confusing instruction.

9. This ingenious business plan.

10. This sign that gives you perspective.

11. This succulent non-veg treat.

12. This L.A.N. centre that exists in a reality that has 8-day weeks.

13. This must-read PSA.

14. This honest campaign.

15. This little something extra with your meal.

16. This appetising restaurant name.

17. This environment-friendly sign.

18. This hard warning.

19. This all-purpose restroom.

20. This fair warning.

21. This limited payment plan.

22. And this sign that I relate to on every level.

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