Indonesian Illustrator Sketches Real People As Cartoons And You Will Be Amazed At The Accuracy

We are all the stars of our own story and one illustrator is showing people what they would look like if their story was on the pages of a comic book. Indonesian artist Rudi, has pulled in 37.5k followers on his Instagram page @rudi10297 and 10k on his @rudi1097 page with his impressive sketches of people re-imagined as anime-style characters.

The detailed caricatures depict women, men, couples, babies and even cats in everyday poses. Some of the chosen photographs include props or detailed backgrounds, all of which are included in the drawings exactly as they appear. Rudi’s selection of pieces are diverse, with part of his selection of cartoons done in black and white with shading, while other images are vibrant and bursting with color. Scroll down below to check out this artists impressive skills and don’t forget to upvote your faves!

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