Insanely Muscular Cat Conquers The Internet And The Memes Are Hilarious

The internet loves cats, this we all know. So when a massively jacked feline known as ‘buff cat’ got a Twitter account and started dominating everyone’s screens, the reaction was predictably hysterical.

Buff cat was first noticed on the streets of Montreal, Canada by a feline fan. His fan base has steadily grown to the point that his official Twitter page now has over 17k followers, and has spawned a whole load of hilarious memes. While some people are concerned that buff daddy might have some serious health issues going on, others have speculated that he may have a rare genetic disorder that causes some animals, usually cattle, to become ‘double muscled.’

Either way, we hope he’s gonna be OK and can be found again. Latest news is that the anonymous woman behind the Twitter account will go out searching for old buffy again today, fingers crossed he comes out to play! Scroll down to check him out below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Meet buff cat, literally the biggest feline sensation on the internet right now

He was first noticed on the streets of Montreal, Canada by a feline fan

And now has his own Twitter account with over 17k followers

Check out those lats!

People could’t resist Photoshopping buff cat into some scenes

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