This Orangutan Trying To Save His Home By Fighting With An Excavator Is Going Viral, And It’s Heartbreaking

More than 2,5 million acres of Indonesian rainforest are lost every year

This senseless deforestation leaves many animals without a home

Non-profit organization International Animal Rescue are working to save the plummeting population of orangutans

On Word Environment Day they shared a video showing a helpless orangutan trying to fight off the powerful digger

Shocking Footage Shows An Orangutan Seeking Refuge From Bulldozer

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAYThis dramatic footage shows the devastating impact deforestation is having on precious orangutan habitat. This desperate orangutan is frantically seeking refuge from the destructive power of the bulldozer; a machine that has already decimated everything else around him. Despite all the obstacles thrown at them, our team were able to rescue this orangutan and bring him to safety. Unfortunately, scenes like this are becoming more and more frequent in Indonesia. Deforestation has caused the orangutan population to plummet; habitats are destroyed and orangutans are left to starve and die.We need to ACT NOW. This World Environment Day, plant a tree and help us rebuild and protect precious orangutan habitat. The situation is critical, and we are running out of time. PLANT A TREE TODAY: share this post far and wide. Thank you.

Posted by International Animal Rescue on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The video was captured in 2013 but it was recently released to raise awareness about the harm of deforestation to the orangutan habitat

Here’s how people reacted

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