Meet Merlin, The Ragdoll Cat Who Hates Everything

Holidays got you down? Well, you’ve got a friend in Merlin, the cranky Canadian Ragdoll cat whose angry face has surpassed the level of ‘resting’ – it’s just permanent.

Thanks to his furrowed brow, piercing blue eyes, and signature frown, Merlin has become a star on Instagram, and now has more than 45 thousand devoted fans who hang off his every scowl. If you’re one of those people who constantly gets accused of ‘looking mad,’ or if you’re actually just pissed off all the time, Merlin is the spirit animal you never knew you had. He doesn’t even give a damn about Christmas, the most jolly time of year. Are you in love yet?

Scroll down to see Merlin in all of his glory, and be sure to vote for your favorite shots of him – not that he cares about your opinion, anyway.

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