Times Cats Hilariously Crashed Nativity Scenes

It’s a well known quirk of cats, they love to squeeze themselves into the middle of things. Whether it’s a box, a jar that’s way too small or simply just sitting on your computer keyboard while you are trying to get your work done, if there’s an awkward space to be occupied a cat will soon come along and occupy it.

Can you imagine then, the attraction of the nativity scene for our feline friends? All those tiny people to trample over, a manger to lie in, a little straw to sit on and most importantly, being the centre of attention. It’s pussy paradise!

We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of times when cats couldn’t help but crash the nativity scene. Scroll down below to check out the stubbornly, proudly awkward kitties in all their glory and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

A Cat Sits In The Nativity Scene Outside A Church

And Then The Little Baby Jesus Was Carried Off By The Catosaurus. The End

Our Cat Loki Invaded Next Doors Nativity Scene, His Face Is Hilarious

The Jesus In Our Crib Is A Bit Fat, Furry And Pointy Eared… But Undeniably Cute!

Day 7. They Still Suspect Nothing

Little Angel

At My Friend’s Church, The Church Cat Has Evicted The Baby Jesus From The Manger

Cat-Ivity In NYC

My Parents Put Up A Nativity Thing, Tell Me Why My Cat Is Chilling In There, Lookin Like Jesus

There Was A Cat In The Manger With Baby Jesus…


No Room For Baby Jesus

Our Cat Porter Has Joined The Nativity Scene

And The Angel Said Unto Them “Behold, A Cat Stuffed Itself Into A Manger”

This Cat Found A Place To Sit And Wasn’t Bothered At All By The Crowd Of People Photographing It

My In-Laws Cat Is Really Getting Into The Christmas Spirit This Year

What’s This You Brought Me? Frankincence?

Sorry Not Sorry

This Is My House Now

“Baby In A Manger” (By The Way, Her Name Is Actually Baby)

Dad Sent Me This Picture With The Comment, “He Brought Gold, Frankincense, And Purr”

Parent’s Cat Decided To Become Part Of The Nativity Scene

An Intruder

Down You Go

Found The Cat Laying In The Middle Of The Nativity Scene

Nativity Cat

Jesus Looks A Bit Hairrier Than I Expected

Visiting The Holy Land

A Cat-Ivity Scene

Christmas Is Cancelled By A Giant Cat That Squashed Baby Jesus And Ate The 3 Wise Men

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