Reporters Got More Than They Bargained For When They Arrived At This Haunted House

Last summer, reporters travelled to Hanover, Pennsylvania, to cover a story on a local haunted house. They expected to hear a few stories and see some spooky pictures during their investigation. However, they definitely didn’t expect to experience the hauntings themselves.

Deanna and Tom Simpson have lived in their house on Maple Avenue for seven years. During this time, they claim to have been constantly harassed and attacked by at least five ghosts and one demon. The dispatched reporters unfortunately came into contact with one of these horrible apparitions at the home, catching the entire ordeal on camera.

The outside of the Simpsons’ house looks like a normal suburban home. However, once you enter, it’s a modern-day Amityville Horror.


The reporters were skeptical upon arrival, but cameraman Nick Petrillo was scratched by an unknown force and felt his hand burning within moments of interviewing Deanna.


Simpson believes it was the demon trying to stop the story from getting out. Here is a picture of the alleged demon in the basement, as captured by a motion-triggered camera.

3If you’re not already terrified, just wait until you see the full report. Skip to the 1:40 mark for something really spooky.


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