Scientists Can’t Explain Why These 5 Terrifying Sounds Keep Happening

Despite humanity’s impressive scientific prowess, there are still so many things out there that are confusing, bizarre, and downright terrifying. For example, we still don’t have an explanation for certain sound phenomena that occur on Earth.

Weird, right? But it’s true. These sounds happen under the ocean, on land, and in the sky. Some of them are even heard by millions of people, yet we don’t have an explanation.

(Now would be a good time to grab those headphones.)

1. The Bloop

Don’t be fooled by its childish name, because “The Bloop” could actually be something really terrifying. Check out the video above to hear what it sounds like, and for some speculation about its origins.

2. Skyquakes

The video above is a bit long, but even listening to a minute of those so-called “skyquakes” was enough to send shivers down my spine. Whatever is causing those noises, I hope I never get close enough to see it.

3. Upsweep

This upsweep was discovered in 1991 by the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, and can still be heard today throughout the Pacific Ocean. Since 1991, the sound has been gradually declining in volume, but that doesn’t make it any less spooky. It sounds like the soundtrack of a freaky alien movie.

4. The Quacker

5. The Hum

This one gets really creepy, really fast. Since the 1970s, there’s been a near constant stream of people complaining about a low, persistent hum that only they can hear. The hum affects people across the globe.

What makes it even spookier is that the hum has been medically proven as a real phenomenon for those who can hear it. However, there is no explanation for why some can hear the hum and others cannot.

(via: Bustle)

Well now I’m thoroughly terrified. I feel lucky that I’m not one of the few who have to endure “the hum.” But now I’m petrified of the skyquakes. Hopefully they’re just a natural occurrence and not some sort of alien craft getting into position to obliterate us all…

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