Some People Are Too Bad At What They Do And Some Are Too Good

Now wipe that sink from your memory and appreciate the inventor of this fabulous pizza sauce spreader:

Looking at this made me throw up a little in my mouth:

Fire the person who thought toilets weren’t made for sitting:

But on the bright side, I’d totally buy a car from this guy:

But since you’re already lookin’ at wieners, look at this cubic masterpiece:

These tiles are screaming on the inside:

But give this fry artist a permanent vacation:

What came first, the pole or the parking space? Who cares, this sucks either way:

This is just lazy AF and I won’t stand for it:

The illustrator of this book thought it’d be cute to rebel:

Whoever did this paint job probably hates me and I hate ’em too:

So just please designate all future projects to whoever designed this masterpiece:

Whoever built these beams was clearly drunk:

But this right here requires true dedication:

But these tiles know they’re pretty damn sexy:

And there’s a love story here for the barista that turned a latte into art:

The CEO of this company will be hearing from my attorneys very soon:

But why count bananas when you can count your blessings thanks to this photo:

But thank god I have grocery store employees who care about my sanity:

There’s a metaphor somewhere for these uneven hand dryers:

But you know what doesn’t suck? Whatever genius came up with this calming display:

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