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30 Times People Were So Lazy To Decorate For Christmas, They Came Up With The Most Genius Ideas

It’s December already and people all around the world are decorating like crazy. From hundreds of fairy lights hung on people’s houses, to meticulously decorated Christmas trees, everyone is pressured to put up at least something.

But what if you’re too lazy to do anything though still want to bring just a little Christmas spirit into your home? Bored Panda has collected some of the laziest ways people have decorated for the Holidays to prove that you’re definitely not alone in this.

My Cousin Hates Decorating So He Did This

I’ve Set Up My Christmas Decorations For The Year

Next Day After Halloween: “Finally Finished The Christmas Decorations!”

Our Christmas Decorations

Lazy Christmas Decorations

Neighbors’ Outdoor Christmas Decorations.. Before The Cops Made Them Take It Down

Was Out With The Wife And Our 5 Year Old Daughter Looking For Christmas Light Displays Last Night. Found This Gem. My Daughter Thought It Was Beautiful. She’s Still Learning To Read

Put Up The Christmas Tree, They Said…

My Hospital’s Decorations

Last Minute Door Decoration

Laundry Christmas Tree

Repurposed Our Halloween Decoration

No One At Work Has Taken Responsibility For Decorating The Christmas Tree, For The Last Week It Has Been Propped Up In Its Box Waiting. Today, I Stepped Up To The Plate

I Trusted My Husband To Clean-Up From Christmas Last Year. This Is What I Discovered When I Went Down To Our Basement To Begin Decorating This Year. He’s So Proud! I Can’t Decide: Life Hack Or Lazy?

That´s What I Call Lazy

He Doesn’t Even Know How Ghetto Our Christmas Is

Australian Christmas Tree

My Girlfriend Finished Putting Up Her Christmas Tree

Room = Decorated

Using Thicker Ribbon Will Also Make A Bigger Bow If You’re Lazy Enough

My Girlfriend Won’t Agree That This Is A Suitable Christmas Tree Substitute

I’m Too Lazy For Christmas Decorations

Too Lazy To Get A Christmas Tree This Year

Just Blow Them Up And You’re Done

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