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The ultimate get-well card? Man recovering from surgery found £4.7m lottery ticket inside card

1Understandably, Mr. Amorese was pretty happy with his win (Picture: 7online)

A man who received a get-well card from his father while recovering from surgery will be feeling a whole lot better after he won $7 (£4.7) million on a lottery ticket tucked inside.

Joseph Amorese, 46, received the card from his father while recovering from an operation in Easton, Pennsylvania.

When he opened it, he found a lottery ticket and scratched away… to find he’d won $7 million.

‘Honey, I think we won $7 million,’ Mr. Amorese recalls telling his wife on the phone, to stunned silence.

Lottery officials presented Mr. Amorese with the ceremonial oversized cheque on Wednesday. Understandably, he looks pretty pleased.

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