There’s A Secret Hiding In One Of America’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Deep in the one of America’s natural beauties, the Grand Canyon, lies a secret. It’s one that you’ve never seen and likely will never get to visit. The narrow paths that lead there are seldom traveled and hard to find.

It sits 8 miles off the nearest road and no cars can reach it. But if you look card enough, you can find the Grand Canyon’s secret treasure: a village.


In the heart of the Havasupai Nation reservation, the Indian village of Supai lies located at the bottom of Havasu Canyon.


The only way to get there is by helicoptering, hiking, or mule.


That’s why this Indian village is the only place in America where mail is delivered by mule.


The Havasupai tribe is the smallest Indian Nation in America totaling about 600 people


It wasn’t until 1975 (after many years of court battles) that this tribe finally kicked the National Park Rangers out of their village, claiming it as their own.


Today their major source of income is tourism, although they do plenty of weave and food growing.


Over 20,000 visitors make their way to the village each year.


Giving them a glimpse of the falls on the way to the spectacular waterfalls of Havasu Canyon.


Complete with a café, general stores, a lodge, post office, school, LDS chapel, and a small Christian Church, what else could you ask for in the middle of Nowhere, USA?


It’s unbelievable that one of America’s most famous tourist destinations still has secrets to discover. If you’re interested in visiting Supai, AZ, yourself, here are the coordinates on Google Maps. Good luck (and you might want to invest in a mule rental).

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