They Were Trapped In A Burning Car, But Then A Heroic Passer By Did The Unthinkable

Everyone knows that soldiers are brave and courageous people. They may not all see war and they may not all go overseas, but the fact that they’ve volunteered for that possibility is beyond remarkable. While their courage is consistently recognized on the field of battle, their efforts on the outside go largely unnoticed.

This is Captain Steve Voglezon. He was in the military for many years and his heroics were recognized across the board while he actively served. But it’s what he recently did outside the military call of duty that has people applauding his bravery.

The cherry on top is the Captain America shirt. I’m sure Steve Rogers would commend Captain Voglezon on his bravery (and he may have even let him borrow his iconic shield for a while). We all know that Voglezon would use it to better the lives of all Americans.

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