This Boy Saying Goodbye To His Garbage Man Before He Moves Away Will Melt Your Heart

Two-year-old Deacon Ross always looked forward to Fridays, because that was the day he got to see his BFF O’Dee.

1The toddler from Dallas struck up a friendship/hero worship of his garbage man, real name Oladele Olurunrinu, and always looked forward to seeing him, the local ABC affiliate reported.


“I think this is Deacon’s first friend [where] he really understands what friendship is,” said his mom, Summer.


But sadly, their friendship is coming to an end. The Ross family is moving to a different house off of O’Dee’s garbage route.


The time came for Deacon to say goodbye to his first friend. He carried over a basketful of treats his mom made for him to give to his pal to say thanks for being his friend.


O’Dee said he hadn’t realized how much Deacon loved him, but that now “I can see it.”



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